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Introducing Gracias Media - your single window solution for turnkey film and video production services - committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and professionalism. We at Gracias are a team of experienced professionals with proven track record and insight into all aspects of film and video production. With a passion for film-making, we are essentially a client-focused creative agency offering a complete suite of services - from conception, scripting and filming to all stages of post production. We employ the latest digital technology to provide our clients with products that are impactful, delivered on time and within budget. At Team Gracias, we make every project that we undertake our own. Apart from supervising production for other production houses or undertaking turnkey assignments for clients, we provide comprehensive production management on shoots, and support in accessing the latest camera and lighting equipment; and trained crews in various locations across India. Gracias also has a network of location and studio options, actors and creatives to serve any kind of shoot.Our team of seasoned winters, directors, producers, cinematographers, sound designers, editors and animators have the know-how to approach projects of every genre and scale. We also offer the full complement of post production services – editing, visual effects, sound design, color correction utilizing the latest software tools. So whether your projects is a TV serial, tele-film, documentary, feature, corporate film of TVC, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality while providing a fresh approach.